The British Council supports and works collaboratively with education agents and advisors for international students to the UK. Our aim is to facilitate access to the best agents for students, parents and all accredited UK education providers. Our agent training programmes are rigorous and highly valued by all of our partners. Agents on this list have all successfully passed our training programmes, starting with the Education UK Certificate for agents / advisors, and subsequently the British Council Advanced Agent Certificate. All certified agents and advisors on this website have given permission to their local British Council office for their details to be listed. For more information contact us at


British Council trained agents have a certificate and a reference number and appear on the Global List.


Any services which you find and/or book via the British Council Global List are provided by independent organisations. The British Council facilitates your ability to find agents but is not responsible and has no liability to you in respect of such bookings. The individual agent will set out what rights you have against them and will explain their liability to you in the event of anything going wrong.  You should make sure that you do your own research and look at for advice on finding reputable institutions and working with agents.


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